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Facilities Management Cleaning Services

Facilities managers are responsible for ensuring everything operates smoothly and in compliance with a lot of different standards - it can be stressful work. Working with a company such as Sure Deep Clean can solve problems like these. Multi-site locations or even just one location, when there are multiple tenants, inevitably leads to these problems. But by partnering up with a company such as this you can achieve consistency across all of Northern Ireland when it comes to H&S related work.

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Facilities Management for PFI Buildings

Building maintenance may seem daunting when considering all the aspects that are involved, but it doesn't have to be. These types of projects demand efficiency and cost-saving- two things we take seriously at Sure Deep Clean. Our team is equipped with a variety of packages designed to meet your needs.

One such package includes kitchen extract cleaning, duct cleaning, fire damper drop testing, which is provided at some of the best rates in Northern Ireland! We make it easy for you by providing post clean reports as documentation so you always know what was deep cleaned and serviced during each visit.

Your legal responsibilities

Oils, fats and grease clog up grease traps in the kitchen. This leaves cooking smoke uncontained, which creates huge health hazards while also increasing the risks of devastating fires breaking out in your workplace. If these stubborn deposits remain unchecked, they'll likely make you liable for a workplace fatality if you do happen to encounter an unfortunate accident with fire on the premises; it won't just be messy from grease splatter but liable because your personal judgement could've prevented such horrors from happening too soon.

There's no need to worry about accidentally neglecting health rules either - neglecting those will only lead to another problem arising when someone tries to claim insurance when there has been a fire - as rejections are possible without meeting certain guidelines for room layouts and appropriate ventilation due to ongoing grease consumption.

You know what they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. Regular testing and as required cleaning, to the new standards in accordance with the BESA TR/19 guide will help keep your building’s ventilation system and your indoor environment healthy, legal and compliant.

Find out more about Ventilation Hygiene and Duct Cleaning.

Another very important passive fire prevention measure is the regular testing, cleaning and maintenance of fire dampers. These are metal louvres that can open and close and are installed across the ductwork to form a temporary barrier when closed but allow the free flow of air when open. You may not even be aware that your ventilation system has fire dampers, but they fulfil a very important function, so you must be sure that they are in working order.

In the event of a fire travelling through ductwork, the fire damper must close, to restrict the oxygen supply to the fire and create a barrier that slows the spread of the fire. This buys valuable time in which to safely evacuate shoppers, especially the more vulnerable and less mobile centre visitors.

There are different types of fire dampers; some are spring operated, some have fuseable links and there are other designs that are remotely operated. All types must be regularly tested, using a method known as drop testing, cleaned and maintained. According to BS 9999 guidance updated early 2017, all fire dampers must now be tested at no more than twelve-month intervals.

We can help you locate your fire dampers, create access to inaccessible fire dampers then drop test, clean and maintain them for compliance. More information can be found on our fire dampers page.

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