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Running a retail destination presents a multitude of challenges, some of which are highly specialised and are best carried out by a cost-effective expert service provider. Please see below for areas you need to be in compliance with. For getting started on this path, we are currently offering a buildings service audit at no cost.

We provide all the required documentation, including before and after photographs and post clean and maintenance reports so you can be sure that your service users are safe and you are protected from any liability for negligence.

We will keep copies of all your compliance reports so you can always view or print them.

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Your legal responsibilities

There are a lot of hidden dangers in your kitchen. Even if it looks pristine, you never know what lurks under the surface. Kitchen extract ductwork can accumulate fat, oil and grease deposits over time- but this isn't all bad news! You see, these buildups can also cause fires. Fires are no good for anyone- so we recommend cleaning them regularly to prevent such disasters from happening. And because every business needs to follow certain guidelines when running an establishment where food is being made or sold- make sure you clean those vents too! Even if a kitchen isn't managed by you, there are still rules that need to be followed. Ignoring these standards could lead to liability issues due to the strict guidelines set forth in our Law and Buildings Insurance coverage. So much so, it's considered negligence if those standards aren't met - especially when it comes to preventing fires!

How often does my kitchen need to be cleaned? That depends on two things: how long it operates in a day and how dirty it gets. We specialize in helping you find the right schedule because we know that your restaurant likely has more than one kitchen. It also depends on what each of those kitchens is used for. Let us assist you with finding the perfect routine so that you're always doing things right- quick and efficient! We will make sure all your outlets are safe for cooking and comply with fire safety guidelines for kitchens.

Ventilation ducts must be cleaned every year to ensure they are fully functioning and working at their best. That way, you will not face any fines or other problems because of them. TR/19 dictates that all ventilation equipment must be classified into three categories based on its usage; high, medium, and low depending on how it is used in the space (i.e., offices vs backrooms). Front-of-house vents may require a different classification than what's found in maintenance areas - so make sure everything is done correctly!

These ratings will affect how often the ductwork must be checked or cleaned, so make sure it's accurate. If you're unsure about anything, we can classify each part of the system for you and help come up with a plan to make your ducts compliant again. Then we'll help you set up an ongoing schedule to keep them clean and compliant for years to come.

Another very important passive fire prevention measure is the regular testing, cleaning and maintenance of fire dampers. These are metal louvres that can open and close and are installed across the ductwork to form a temporary barrier when closed but allow the free flow of air when open. You may not even be aware that your ventilation system has fire dampers, but they fulfil a very important function, so you must be sure that they are in working order.

In the event of a fire travelling through ductwork, the fire damper must close, to restrict the oxygen supply to the fire and create a barrier that slows the spread of the fire. This buys valuable time in which to safely evacuate shoppers, especially the more vulnerable and less mobile centre visitors.

There are different types of fire dampers; some are spring operated, some have fuseable links and there are other designs that are remotely operated. All types must be regularly tested, using a method known as drop testing, cleaned and maintained. According to BS 9999 guidance updated early 2017, all fire dampers must now be tested at no more than twelve-month intervals.

We can help you locate your fire dampers, create access to inaccessible fire dampers then drop test, clean and maintain them for compliance. More information can be found on our fire dampers page.

Shopping Centre Cleaning Quotes

They're fast, free & competitive...


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