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Educational Property Cleaning Services

Education involves a lot of responsibility for the operator. In this job, you have to take care of students when it comes to fire safety, air quality, and the prevention of infections. There are two major issues that deserve attention- grease accumulation in kitchen extracts and ventilation systems, along with legionella control of water pipes.

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Educational Healthcare Cleaning

For school business managers, it is difficult to keep up with the sudden changes taking place within schools. As they struggle to acclimate themselves to these unknown changes while managing the usual tasks, they are also trying to get an understanding of complex new legislation and its procedures; which only adds more stress and confusion.

To take some of this workload off their hands, Sure Deep Clean offers guidance that will reduce paperwork for them so that they can focus on providing top-notch service for students and teachers alike. For all you school managers out there; if you want a deep clean service that is both legal and super safe, then we are the company for you!

Let us handle your requirements of legal compliance. Sure Deep Clean provides all types of these services: Local Exhaust Ventilation. Fire Damper Testing. Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning. Kitchen extract fire safety cleaning.

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Your legal responsibilities

To protect yourself from potential workplace fire hazards, you need to make sure that the kitchen grease extraction system is properly cleaned each day. Cleaning your kitchen extract system is vital for good health and safety. Insurance policies require this as a condition of coverage because it minimizes the risk of fires. Grease from cooking can lead to clogged ducts and unpleasant smells so we will clean them regularly with chemical-free cleaners that are safe around children, pets, food prep areas, and living spaces. Learn more about Kitchen Extract Compliance and Kitchen Extract Cleaning today!

Have you been looking for a professional company to assist you with your fire safety? If so, look no further than us! We offer services such as identifying where your fire dampers are installed, creating ways to access them if they're hard to reach then dropping them from height and cleaning & maintaining them. You can find out more about what we do on our Fire Dampers page.

In order to avoid danger and damage to employees, COSHH regulations require that hazardous substances be contained or safely dispersed when in use. Also, there is an active requirement for LEV systems to be routinely inspected every year. This is done so that the system will operate efficiently. Regular inspections ensure compliance with regulations. Sure Deep Clean carries out inspections and maintenance so you can rest assured that you're getting the best services possible.

Another very important passive fire prevention measure is the regular testing, cleaning and maintenance of fire dampers. These are metal louvres that can open and close and are installed across the ductwork to form a temporary barrier when closed but allow the free flow of air when open. You may not even be aware that your ventilation system has fire dampers, but they fulfil a very important function, so you must be sure that they are in working order.

In the event of a fire travelling through ductwork, the fire damper must close, to restrict the oxygen supply to the fire and create a barrier that slows the spread of the fire. This buys valuable time in which to safely evacuate shoppers, especially the more vulnerable and less mobile centre visitors.

There are different types of fire dampers; some are spring operated, some have fuseable links and there are other designs that are remotely operated. All types must be regularly tested, using a method known as drop testing, cleaned and maintained. According to BS 9999 guidance updated early 2017, all fire dampers must now be tested at no more than twelve-month intervals.

We can help you locate your fire dampers, create access to inaccessible fire dampers then drop test, clean and maintain them for compliance. More information can be found on our fire dampers page.

Laundry extract systems should be included in every fire risk assessment, according to Regulation Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Cleaning these usually involves inspecting and cleaning the ducts which might make it appear that you're negligent of your safety. If you don't clean these out, you might put yourself at an increased risk for fires or cause your insurance company to take issue with you.

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